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The Basics of Plastic Injection Tooling and Molds

Part of plastic injection tooling is that you get all of the parts and you need to create a certain part. A plastic injection mold is a hollow shell, also known as a cavity, that is designed to the specifications of a certain project, and then it is filled in order to create a product’s shape. One can think of this as pouring cake batter into cupcake form and setting it since it is somewhat similar.

The Process of Creating A Part Using Plastic Injection Molds

The process starts off by injecting a liquid or moldable material into a mold. This is done so that one can create a certain part. In this case, the person creating the part will use plastic. They first heat up the plastic material, then force it into your mold until the mold becomes totally filled.

After that step, the plastic will then cool down and harden. Once the plastic has cooled down and hardened, you can then eject it out of the mold and into a bin. This step gets them the finished product that they want. They can then reset the mold and start this process all over again.

One more thing to note is that plastic injection molds are composed of various different materials. Generally speaking, molds are usually made of metal. Aluminum and steel are the two most common types of metal used for these molds. However, you can also find molds that are made of alloys, too.

What Industries Use Plastic Injection Molds?

A decent number of industries use these molds. One of them is the pharmaceutical industry and they use these molds to create many different plastic products, like syringes and eyedroppers. Of course, they have to complete the plastic injection tooling properly to create the proper mold for these products. High standards for uniformity, quality, and sterilization are requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This is why plastic injection molding is quite useful for that industry.

The medical industry also uses plastic injection molding, too. Healthcare professionals require quite a few medical devices to provide the best possible care. This is why injection molding is so critical to the medical industry. A few examples of medical devices that are made with injection molding are products for surgery preparation, X-ray parts, and diagnostic test kits.

One more industry that uses plastic injection molding is the telecommunications industry. This industry uses quite a few fiber optic cables to send information and data throughout the entire world. These fiber optic cables must have specialized plastic components and specialized adapters made of plastic to function properly. As one can see, plastic injection molding is vital for the telecommunications industry due to this fact.

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We use a rapid injection molding process that gives our customers an affordable and quick way to develop and create customized parts. Our in-house facility is state-of-the-art and provides plastic manufacturing and design operations in addition to the creation of plastic molds. We have the resources and knowledge to help you make your next plastic injection project a reality. Trust our team at Global Design to bring your vision to life.

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