High quality, customizable plastic molded parts & electronics

Global Design specializes in developing and constructing top of the line plastic molded parts for any application.


As an industry leader in custom plastic molded parts, Global Design offers a range of services and capabilities. Our in-house operations include mold making and design, as well as the manufacturing of these parts. We provide high-quality, custom parts to many different industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, medical and consumer products. No matter what kind of part you’re looking to produce, the experts at Global Design are here to help you create it.

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Plastic injection molding at global design

Plastic Injection Molds & Tooling

Creating and developing plastic injection molds for precision parts is our number one specialty.

plastic injection molded car gear shifter

Prototype Injection Molding

Our quick and cost-effective prototype options include aluminum injection molds, low-pressure ren injection molds, and vacuum form tooling.

plastic injection molded auto parts

Production Injection Molding

We provide production tooling in-house that’s made directly according to our customer’s specifications.

Plastic injection molding design

Design & Engineering

Our team of experts can help with any and all of the design and engineering aspects of your plastic part.

electrical component made by plastic injection molding

Electronic Components

These unique electronic additions allow us to develop and manufacture your parts quickly and effectively.

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Additional Services

Global Design also offers program management services, as well as mold repairs, spotting and benching and wire EDM and graphite milling.

About Us

At Global Design, we understand both the necessity, as well as the demand for high-quality parts throughout the industries that we serve. We remain dedicated to providing our customers with products that meet requirements and exceed expectations. Over the years, our best in class capabilities have allotted a great deal of recognition for our work across several industries, particularly automotive.

Our team of experts goes the extra mile in ensuring that your company receives products of the absolute highest quality standards at a fair price. Each area of our business is supported with in-house production and tool design, injection molding, foam, and vac-form capabilities. We will work with you to ensure proper communication, functionality, and validation on each and every job we complete.

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Injection Mold Experts

If you’re looking for top of the line service for your next injection mold project, contact the experts at Global Design and Development today!